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Upcoming Bible Studies

We have a vast collection of sermons, several series of sermons, and bible classes taught by learned bible scholars. As time permits we plan to transform those lessons into small easy to understand lessons with short self-assessment tests.

What Do Students Say?

Due to the fact that our website is in the beginning stages, the number of our reviews are very few, We do solicit reviews of our website and our Bible Study Lessons from any and all individuals who will contact us through our Contact Page.

I have loved helping to configure the technical side of this website. My duties require me to actually take the Bible Courses and make suggestions for improvement. I have loved these bible lessons!

Leland Garner

Seffner, FL USA



A new review of this website is coming soon!

We work hard to prepare every lesson to be accurate to the text of God's Word.

Our courses offer a good compromise between the depth of the study and the simplicity of the study. We try to make the lessons a little more interesting as opposed to simply reading text only.

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